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MorningSong Kennels is located at our home near Strafford, MO, in Webster County, a few miles east of Springfield, MO, just north of I 44.  All our immediate family have  made, or now make, their living in the music field. When we decided to begin breeding and raising dogs, we decided to call it MorningSong Kennels and subsequently have given all our dogs names pertaining to some aspect of music. We have not had much success teaching our dogs to sing, but we've put a song in a lot of people's hearts. We live on five acres in rural southwest  Missouri. We have a great veterinarian who makes house calls so our dogs have regular check ups and care.  

We will be happy to provide references if you should like to inquire about our kennel or stock. We frequently hear from past customers who just call to tell us how Puppy is getting along, what name they have chosen, etc. Several of these  people have come back to purchase another puppy for themselves or for a family member. We love hearing from them because that affirms our success in  reaching our goal, which is to provide a healthy, happy companion for your family for many years to come.

All of our breeds are non-shedding, which is a relief for those who have allergic reactions to pet fur, or those who just don't like to clean up pet hair from their clothing, floors or furniture. We have all the parents on site so you can see what to expect in the way of size your puppy should be at maturity.

The Shih-tzu breed is a great choice for families. They are very affectionate and bond quickly with their new family. They have a short nose and long ears. They have a double coat of beautiful hair that can come in a large array of colors. They are kinda like how Forest Gump describes a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get with a litter of Shih-tzus. We have some that are almost completely solid black or brown, with just small patches of white on their breast or feet. Some will be part white and part color, which can include, but not limited to, gold,black, taupe, gray, red and many shades or brown, from very light tan to dark chocolate. Their full-plumed tail curls up over their back. The sizes of our Imperial Shih-tzus range from six to eight pounds, and around eight to eleven pounds for most of our regular Shih-tzus. The Shih-tzu breed, I have found, tend to be very attuned to your emotions, thus making a wonderful, loving companion.

The Bichon Frise is an absolutely wonderful choice for a family. They are a very intelligent breed with an endearing personality. They are all white and most will usually range from around eleven to fourteen pounds at maturity. They are a very companionable breed for family activities and for traveling. They will have a curly, corkscrew type of double  coat as it grows longer; however some of ours have a rather thick, wavy coat that is truly beautiful. They have a long, rather square nose and ears that hang down slightly. They love to play and interact with the family and are just the best welcoming committee of one you might choose to come home to.

We also offer a third pure breed, the Maltese. The Maltese are a non-shedding breed, and are somewhat smaller than most of our Shih-tzus or  Bichons. They have a more delicate bone structure than these other breeds, but  are nevertheless a rather hardy breed. Because of the smaller, delicate bones, they may not be as suitable for a family of children as are the Shih-tzus or Bichons.
They are sprightly, affectionate, and fun-loving. They have a long straight silky white coat with no undercoat, and sometimes will have light tan or lemon on their ears. Our Maltese  are usually around seven pounds at maturity. The Bichon Frise' is actually a descendant of the Maltese, which  originates, of course, from Malta. The Maltese has enjoyed a long and fascinating history as a companion to royalty and the wealthy throughout the  world. That is probably due to the elegance, grace and intelligence of the breed. That, coupled with the crowning glory of silky white hair, allowed the Maltese to become an aristocrat of the canine world. They were actually referred to as "sleeve dogs" because royalty would carry these small beauties  in their rather voluminous sleeves. Well, I don't know whether we will actually  have any royal customers, but having one or two of these little friends in your home will make you feel like a king or queen and your new puppy will make your home his palace.

Our most recent pure breed is the Havanese. They are similar in some ways to the Maltese. They  have a long nose and straight hair. They  look heavier than they really are, with most of ours weighing around eight to ten pounds at maturity.  Most are solid color, but can be bi-color, such as black and white. Most of the solid colors will lighten as they mature, sometimes turning almost white, with the black and white keeping their beautiful colors. They are a very intelligent breed of dog, fun loving and love to spend time with their owners. Since they are rather new to us we are still learning about their personality qualities. Havanese owners have shared with us that these doggies are a delight to own and interact with.
We have found them to be very interesting and interested in what their owners are doing.

All our Designer breeds are, obviously, a cross between two of our pure breeds. With these you get the best qualities of each breed. Our Shih-Bichons are a good choice for those who like the Shih-tzu coat but don't care for the short nose of that pure breed. The Malte-tzus will look like a small Shih-tzu with a longer nose and perkier ears, and with a more curious nature. The Malte-chon will look like a small Bichon. The Shih-nese will be similar to the Shih-tzu but with a longer nose and sometimes solid coat.

Whichever pure breed or designer breed you choose, you can count on it to be well-socialized and healthy. We register our pure breeds with America's Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI) and our designer breeds with Continental Kennel Club (CKC).

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