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Sammi Jo is a beautiful little five-month-old black Shih-Tzu with touches of white. Her eyes are as black as she is. She is very playful and has a loving personality, which I think is due to the fact she lived her first eight weeks in a wonderful environment at MorningSong Kennels . The Chatmans at MorningSong are wonderful people and love their puppies. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a puppy.  [P.S.] Pictures are of Sammi Jo playing with her favorite toy, her balloon.
- Joann McGehee


This little guy was so quiet when we got him, but he has come into his own and is a great joy to have around, wouldn't trade him for nothing! Here are some pics of him. He has grown a lot since we got him from you in September. He's so full of energy. He keeps us  on our toes.  He is just like one of our grandkids. We tell everyone that asks where we got him; I tell them your name and number and that they're not  going to find any better people to get a puppy from. All our thanks.
- The Porters


I want to give you an update on our puppies, Cookie and Cupcake (Shih-Bichons), and Coco, the Malte-Tzu we got from you before Christmas.

We LOVE them!  Cookie is a very sweet, quiet lap dog. I rarely hear her bark, she loves to ride in the car with me. She didn’t know what to think  of Cupcake or oco at first, but she loves them now. I don’t think she would ever play if they didn’t make her. She’s about 9 lbs.

Cupcake is famous! She was photographed with my daughter Jaqi for the “Faces of Autism” exhibit. She has been great therapy for  Jaqi. She is a whopping 16 lbs and gorgeous! Opposite of Cookie, she is social, the “pack leader” and has a determined personality and a very  loud bark :0)

Coco is ADORABLE! He has a beautiful disposition, he gets along with the other dogs and our cat really well, and he potty trained really fast.  He is also very cute and cuddly! After seeing how tiny Coco’s mother and father were, we have been surprised at how big he is!  He is almost 9 lbs. His coloring and markings are adorable. He has little black feet with white tips on his toes, and a white beard  and tummy.

Here are all three of them, napping on the couch :0) You can see their relative sizes. Coco is actually a bit bigger now. This pic was taken in the spring.

We love our puppies, and also love not having shedding all over the house! They groom each other and have a nice routine. Each one sleeps  with a different child, and all I have to do is say, “Go night-night, puppies!” and they all go to bed. We sure enjoy them!

Hope you have a great 4th of July!
- The Bradshaws
Brad, Brenda,
Jaqi & Niki.

Well, Wrigley had her first full grooming this week and she's even cuter than before! She continues to be quite the "Drama Princess" and weighs a whopping 3 lbs. 8 oz.!
Thanks for such a perfect dog for us!
- Arlene!

Truman has fit into our family very nicely and is loved by all who have met him. Potty training took no time at all, he's got a very big bladder for such a little guy! He probably weighs about 12 lbs now and is in great health. He loves cuddling and going for car rides. He's very tolerant of Jacob and absolutely loved playing in the snow this year!
My parents watch him everyday while we are at work and if we go out of town. He loves going over to Nana and Grandpa's and they love him too. The funniest thing about him is, to get his exercise, he'll run around in circles around the house for about 5 minutes and then he's done for the night, it cracks us up.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thank you so much!
- Jennifer Westhoff ......

Misha is four months old as of Thursday! She is 5.5 pounds now. She loves to sit in the recliner with her Daddy! She’s definitely a daddy’s girl, but that is natural, he’s home with her during the day. He takes her around to run errands and she has many friends, both human and dog. Sometimes she goes to doggie day care when we will both be gone all day. Her best friends there are two cocker spaniels, Suede and Harley.
She has a beautiful personality, always happy and glad to see you. She’s smart too! She learns tricks and commands very quickly, especially when you use her favorite treat, tiny pieces of boiled chicken breast! (we keep it on hand in the friggie) She can sit, lie down, touch, wait and shake. She started puppy kindergarten two weeks ago and is head of her class because her teacher started with the basics which she already knows.
She is definitely a toddler! She’s in to everything, and it all goes in her mouth! We correct her with a mix of Cesar Millan and Victoria Stillwell methods, whichever give the best result. Being Bichon, she does sulk when we make her mad, but we simply ignore the sulk and go on. She gets over it within minutes and we are all back to normal.
I am attaching some pictures so you can see for yourself that she’s happy, healthy and has a good home.
- LeAnn Johnson ......


We brought our puppy (Izzy Huff) from you in March of 2008. She has been an awesome addition to our family. We LOVE her so much it is almost ridiculous!
Anyway, we entered some pictures of her in the KY3/All Pet Supply Pet Photo Contest...and she won 1st place! I am adding the link that you can go to and see her pictures. 2 of them are from when she was a puppy about 6 months old. The other one is on her first birthday back in January. Anyway, KY3 has asked us to bring her to the studio so she can be on their news show this Sunday morning sometime between 7:00 - 8:00. I just thought you might want to know since she was your baby before she was ours!
- Anita Huff ...


We got Gracie, a shih-bichon, in June 2008 when she was 12 weeks old. She has been such a blessing in our lives! She is SO laid back (perfect for our lifestyle) well-tempered and well-behaved. She hasn't had any health problems, weighs a healthy 10 lbs., and loves to cuddle! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family!
Thank you for breeding such a wonderful family pet,
- Matt & Leslie McPheeters ......


"Our new little puppy is so sweet. Austin selected the name Rose for her. He has been so attentive and loving to her… I think she is happy in her new home. Although the crate training is going well, the potty training is not as smooth as he or I had hoped. But, he has never complained. I thought you might enjoy a few photos. He was so tired one day from getting up with her at night that he had to take an afternoon nap on the sofa. Just wanted to let you know we are pleased…and I believe Rose is too."
- June Huff ......


"I just wanted to let you know that our two new little ones are adapting well. My boys named the bigger one who is so playful "Farley" and the smaller one who is so cuddly "Cosmo". They are doing pretty well with the potty training and doing especially well at night. Of course, the crate training didn't last long! They are sleeping in bed with my boys!!! Of course!!! Farley makes it all night and doesn't get up. Cosmo wakes up my younger son by licking him on the face when he has to go out which is only once a night (thank goodness). I've attached a picture of them. WE are very happy with our new family members."
- Amy Morris ......


"We still have Chloe, our shi-bichon that we got from you in September of 2005... she has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had! We recently welcomed our 1st child, and Chloe has decided to become her guard dog/canine mother. Whenever Hannah cries or fusses, Chloe runs to find us and let us know (even though we already know due to baby monitors)... You bred an incredible dog & I cannot thank you enough for her! She is my 4 legged daughter."
- Stephanie Uzzell

At left: Sooie was a birthday gift to Daddy Jim. Center: Sooie riding the shovel back to the house that Jim uses to clean up puppy
 waste from the yard. Right: Sooie, a Shih-bichon with Mama Barbara.

"This is Sooie (Jim is a true Arkansas Razor Back fan and so that is how Sooie got her name). She is four months old in these pictures.  We got her at eight weeks and she has been a joy to our lives. She is such a great house pet. She is totally house broken and is so  loving to my husband and myself. She is so excited when we come home that she can't love us enough. We have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild and she loves them all. She is wonderful around children. I don't think there is a better pet around  than this breed of dog."
- Barbara Murphy .

We have been very happy with Rose, as she is a smart and playful little puppy. She has a very good disposition, likes being with us and she is really good at riding in a vehicle. She has taken quite well to staying in her crate at night. She and our son have bonded very closely.  Many may think that an 11 year old boy needs a big rough and tumble dog, but he has been very happy with his little shih-tzu. Last Wednesday we were up in Columbia helping our daughter move up there. We had Rose with us. A woman driving by saw her and asked where we got her. We told her about your kennel and how pleased we were with the pup. She commented that her son was disabled and that the doctor had told her that they should get a small dog to help her son cope. She had a shih-tzu when
she  was young, and she had been looking without success for a good one. We told her how to find your kennel.  June Huff


Jasper was a surprise Christmas present for Daddy Jeffrey. He is a loving and beautiful six month old Shih-Bichon in these pictures. Where Daddy goes, Jasper goes. He has a wonderful personality and has fit well into our family, which also i ncludes his  two old  siblings, cats Emily and KitKat. We love Jasper and can't imagine life without him.                Jeffrey Weaver