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 The Maltese are a non-shedding breed, and are on the smaller side.
They are sprightly, affectionate, and fun-loving. They have a long straight silky white coat with no undercoat, and sometimes will have light tan or lemon on their ears. Our Maltese  are usually around seven pounds at maturity.
Are very affectionate and loving. The standard for a reg
Shih tzu is 9lbs to 16lbs
imperial Shih Tzus are smaller.

Our Shih tzus range in size's.

Our Standard Shih tzu's are 9 to 11 pounds. Our imperial Shih tzu usally 8 to 11 pounds.  

We offer a variety of colors such as,  Gold and white, red and white, completely solid

The Bichon is a sweet dog, and one that wants to be with its owner all the time.
The standard is 10-18lbs most of our tend to be 12-14lbs that dose not mean they can not be smaller or bigger. That is just the average size
Are a mix of Shih tzu and Bichon Frise. So you get a great pet, you will get both great worlds into one. They have hair and not fur. They do tend to get lighter as they mature

The Havense is a sweet dog, the breed standard calls for them to be 7 to 13lbs full grown. They come in a variety of colors and can lighten as they mature.